How hot does a car engine get?

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There are many different designs for automobile engines, but most have some kind of cooling system to lower the temperature, whether it is water or air-cooling systems. Cars have a radiator, which is an engine component that has tubes and fins to transfer heat from the engine into the air.

When a car engine heats up too much, it can cause the engine to seize up. This means that the engine stops working because of the heat and will need to be repaired or replaced. Seizing an engine can also cause extensive damage to other car parts. That is why it is important for drivers to keep a close eye on their car’s temperature gauge and make sure they pull over if it starts getting too hot.

The average car engine reaches temperatures of around 200 degrees Fahrenheit while driving, but this can vary depending on the type of engine and how hard it is working. For example, race cars often reach temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. So next time you are out on the open road, remember, your car is running hot.

Some engines, like those found in diesel trucks, can reach even higher temperatures. Diesel engines often have a thermal management system that helps keep the engine from getting too hot. This system circulates coolant through the engine to absorb heat and then dumps it out into the atmosphere. While this is an effective way to keep the engine cool, it is not perfect, sometimes the engine will still get too hot, especially if it has been running for a while or if there is a lot of stop and go traffic. One important way of ensuring that your car’s engine is in good working condition is to take the car for a regular car service in Wellington.

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SAIPEM Netherlands Purchases Three ASIS 8M RHIBS for their Offshore Platform

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ASIS Boats is proud to announce the delivery of three 8-meter Professional RHIB Boats to Saipem. These Boats will be operating offshore of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Custom built to the client’s specifications, these three Professional Oil and Gas RHIBs are constructed to suit their needs and to match with the requirements of the operating environment.

These 8-meter Professional RHIBs are built with Fiber Glass Extra Reinforced hulls & 1670 Dtex hypalon Hyb Foam® tube, which is a special ASIS hybrid tube, comprised of a combination of closed cells memory foam and air; allowing redundancy and reducing the service requirement in order to increase productivity and minimize down time.

Before the delivery, every boat at ASIS is thoroughly tested. During the sea trials, these RHIBs performed admirably, a standard trait for all ASIS boats. These Oil and Gas RHIBs are designed to be driven efficiently in the roughest seas, and thus are certified under category “B” for offshore use with 15 passengers onboard.

With the imposed restrictions on the motorboats operating around and nearby offshore oil and gas platforms, these three Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats have been fitted with diesel engines. Two are powered by OXE Diesel outboards of 150Hp and the third boat is powered by a Yanmar 4LHA-DTZP Diesel engine paired with a Hamilton jet.

In addition to the patented hypalon Hyb Foam® tube, these boats are featuring a single point lifting system installed at the center of gravity and connected to Henriksen safety release hook in order to launch and recover the boats to and from the platform easily, quickly and safely. For boarding operations and for personnel transfer, the boats have been equipped with front boarding steps with handrails.

The orange tube has non-skid ware protective patches all over it and braced with a reflective tape all around, perfect for light reflection and night operations, the hypalon tube has a triple line of protective rubber fenders.

Among the other options on the boats, folding diving ladders with platforms have been fixed to the stainless steel radar arch; which too is featuring a self righting bag, and carrying the radar dome, antennas, radar reflector, search lights and other…

ASIS is an advanced maritime solution provider. We turn ideas into reality, providing you with a solution to your most complex needs.

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The Most Affordable Business Translation Services Available

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A business is the foundation of the economy of not only this world but on an individual level as well. a business is something that takes society forward because you are not only changing your life but also the lives of people who are going to work for you because you are offering them employment which is going to give them better financial stability.

Businesses are something that needs to be consistently enhanced which is why a barrier like a language is something that you may encounter especially when you are going international, you are going to need the help of affordable business translation services because translation is the only way through which the communication is going to be liable as it helps in creating a better understanding for people.

The main aim of the translation services is that they can offer high-quality translation to everyone who needs it because this is the only way through which the communication is going to be viable at all. Through the best experts of a language, the whole process of translation is carried out for a business so that it can create better stability, especially on the new grounds.

There are different things that you can translate which is why you can also translate your business website into multiple languages. this is going to help you in getting better business revenue because you are going to be visible to people from all over the world no matter what language they might natively speak. This is the kind of proficiency you should look for because accuracy is the key to enhancing any kind of business. you need to make sure that you are hiring the most reliable services you can find because these are the experts that are going to give you the best services at the most affordable price point which you will be able to manage easily as well.

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Best Online Marketing Tip – Learn How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

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Don’t worry about searching anymore for trial and error methods for driving more traffic to your website. In this article, the best online marketing tips are outlined for your convenience and will bring you assured results for enhanced business presence online.

Just read through the following text and apply this top proven online marketing strategy to your web business promotion plan – and you are suet to taste success with a broader customer base, in a short time.

To begin with, you need to understand that proper exposure of your website or websites is a must for ensuring you can attract more visitors to these sites. Most Internet surfers are looking for something: information, a certain product, deals or services. If your web business aims its content at directing relevant traffic to start getting drawn from their searches, by use of related keywords and key phrases included in the website content, it is the best way to begin online marketing efforts.

Look upon your website as a marketing tool and thereafter you will find driving Internet traffic to your website is not all that difficult to achieve.

Best Online Marketing Advice For Website Promotion:

Use. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) As An Effective Online Marketing Tool – by learning about the various SEO techniques available to you, you will be able to significantly increase the traffic directed to your website. For, it is this growing number of web surfers that are actually using search engines to find a wide range of products and services (research estimates this number to be more than 70% for surfers relying on search engines for finding them results for their search criteria). So, if your online business finds itself listed on the top search engines, such as Google or Yahoo, you can rest assured more people in search of related products and services who are using these will be directed to your website while trying to locate these. Thus, you will be able to ensure loads of free Internet traffic for your website.

Website Promotion Strategy: Backlinking

To ensure proper SEO for your website, aim for greater generation of back links. You can do this by linking back to your website from other websites and you can in turn, offer the same service to the website allowing you to put a back link for your online business on their website. The more back links you generate, the greater your website’s value will be for the search engines, which will record your website as a valuable resource and steadily help your website rank higher in web searches. Aim for maximum number of Incoming links so your website will have a higher search engine ranking for it to be listed among the top websites in your niche in search engine results.

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Stock Market Chart Tips – Understanding Trend Trading

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There is certainly no dearth of websites that offer stock charts these days. However, unless you are an old hand at equity trading, understanding the information that you can decipher from a stock market chart may pose a problem for you. If you intend to indulge in trend trading or are into day trading, these charts may prove to be a very potent tool in your investment arsenal. So, here is a look at the intricacies of a stock market chart and the information that it can provide.

There are three basic types of stock charts, the line, candle and bar; of the three, the line chart stock market chart is the easiest to read while the candle chart is slightly complex albeit provides more accurate information.

Ideally, if trend trading is your goal, you should opt for a streaming stock market chart which includes real time changes in stock prices. On the other hand, if you intend to hold your investment for a few days, you will need 20 and 50 day moving average on the charts.

As far as trend trading goes, start by observing the trend direction of the price movement which is the single most important piece of information that you can get from a stock market chart.

Most seasoned traders use a combination of stock charts, market research, company fundamentals and the supply and demand factor of the market to predict the price movement. If you tend to use technical analysis often, these charts will be invaluable to you. It seldom happens that a distinct up or low trend is seen on a stock market chart usually the prices do not seem to trend, a situation known as consolidation.

With the 20 days and 50 day moving average, you should be able to determine the direction of the price trend. If the 20 day moving average is above the 50 day moving average line, the price is in an uptrend while if you see the opposite it is in a downtrend.

Once you know about the price trend from the stock market chart, the next step is to find out about the support level. For this you will need the price history for the last 3 to 12 months. You will have to determine the level at which the price has held consistently. For instance, if the price of a particular stock plunged to $30 several times but did not go through this level, you can be sure that $30 is the historic support level for this stock.

Also, find out the resistance level on the stock market chart, this level is the opposite of support. For example, if the price of a stock soared to $75 several times in the last 3 to12 months but each time it came down from that level never exceeding it, you can be sure that $75 is your solid resistance level for the stock.

In trend trading the support and resistance levels are very important because usually when the price goes through an important support or resistance level it will probably continue in that direction for some time. This simply means that if the price of a stock falls below a support level, its time to sell and if you see it crossing through a resistance level, its a good time to buy and then sell as the price continues to move up.

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Internet Marketing Tools – Market Samurai For Beginners

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You have a brilliant product and you would like to sell it. In order to reach the biggest audience you will set up a website where you will create a great home page and online store. But you will never sell a single item if you will not get visitors to your website. In order to get visitors your pages should have interesting content, your website should be indexed by major search engines and you should do some search engine optimization (SEO) of your website. But the key to success is targeting right keywords. And you get them with the right tools like Market Samurai for example.

Market Samurai is a keyword research and SEO tool for internet marketers. It has many modules like keyword research, rank tracker, SEO competition, monetization, content finer, content publisher, etc. With this tool it is very easy to find keywords with high search volume and low competition. It is also easy to evaluate top ranking pages for specific keyword and determine if it would be possible to reach top position in a reasonable time. Support for finding content and promoting a website is also provided. It is really a “Swiss knife” for internet marketers.

Keyword Research
This is the basic module. Here you start searching for profitable keywords. The first step is to enter starting keyword and finding similar or related keywords. The next step is keyword analysis. Here you can determine many factors for each keyword like the number of daily searches, the number of pages that mention this keyword, the cost per click and many more. Here you can also set filters to select only the keywords that meet some criteria.

SEO Competition
This module shows first ten websites from the Google search results page for particular keyword. For each website Market Samurai displays domain age, PageRank, number of indexed pages, number of backlinks, whether the website is in DMOZ or Yahoo directory and the presence of the keyword in title, description and url. From this information you can easily determine the strength of competition which is a key factor for determining how much effort would be needed to reach top position for this keyword.

This module finds products that are related to your keyword. You can search Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction and For selected products you can create affiliate links and copy them to clipboard. Here you can easily check what products you could offer on your website.

Find Content
Here you can search for content about your keyword. You can search article directories, blogs, pictures, videos and news. Each content item can be opened in a separate window where you can examine it. Using this content directly is not recommended but you can collect information and then write text with your own words.

Publish Content
Here you can directly publish articles if you are using WordPress Direct or WordPress blog.

This module finds blogs, forums and Web 2.0 websites where you can promote your website.

Market Samurai is a fantastic SEO and keyword research tool. In addition to basic research functions it offers also very useful modules for website monetization and promotion. All you have to do is to find some profitable keywords and to create a website.

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The Top Multi Level Marketing Secrets

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If you are into network marketing and you still find that you are still having a difficult time making a profit, let along making a name for yourself in the industry, there might be one ingredient that is missing from your formula. This ingredient is something that will reap in customers, get more prospects onto your MLM program, and even ensure that you have repeat transactions from consumers who know about your products and services. So what is this ingredient that we are talking about? It’s integrity.

Now, you may be wonder why it is important to maintain the integrity of your brand, product, or your company. Well, the thing about MLM is that it’s all about direct selling. You need to be able to start a relationship with your prospect downline and with the customers that you have directly. This buy and sell relationship goes beyond the “get this great thing for money” concept. What this opportunity allows you to do is create trust with your customer. They should trust that they can count on you for the best products and services. And you need to trust that they will always be your customer as long as you are offering those products and services.

This maintenance of trust and building is known as integrity. For example, if you sell a great product to a set of customers the first time around, you need to be able to ensure that the products that you offer another time will be equally great when it comes to quality and affordability.

Just think about it; you might have invested all the money in your savings just to have a network marketing business. You spent on all the proper keywords and key phrases through pay per click services online. You might have even spent on a proper MLM training program that will help you get all the people that you need to help you get the product into the hands of consumers.

Then in the long run you start to see that your business is slowly starting to dwindle and that there are not so many customers as they used to be. What happened? It’s not that you stopped advertising your product and that your downline started to lax a little; the fact of the matter is that you probably did not start a good relationship with the end consumer. Or you are maintaining the distribution of a product that they are not interested in or is of little quality and value to the consumer. This affects your integrity as a business because you will slowly start to lose the trust of the consumer. This is especially true with the consumers that you have sold your product to before.

When you start your own network marketing business, make sure that you look into integrity building. This is the true secret of MLM success and you need to make sure that you follow through on all of your promises and direct sales to the consumer so that they will trust you enough to come back again and again.

Make Sure that you go down below and get the top kept secrets to MLM marketing online from one of the top earners in the business.

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Viral Marketing – Reaching Your Customers on Their Terms

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Traditional methods of marketing and advertising are dying.

Why do I say that? Answer the following questions and what conclusion do? You draw.

Do you use the yellow pages?
Do you watch television commercials?
Do you listen to advertisements on the radio?
Do you read “junk mail” advertisements?
Do you read newspaper and magazine advertisements?
Did you, like most people, answer “No” to most, if not all, of those questions? If you did answer “No” then you should be reaching the same conclusion as I. If “No” is the answer; that raises the question of where are you and others going for your information and of course the primary answer is the Internet.

Why is traditional marketing/advertising dying?

Many people today either cannot find their Yellow Pages Directory or they threw it away when it arrived. Companies that track their leads have learned that the Yellow Pages are no longer producing the desired results. Yellow Pages are not the only media where companies are seeing diminishing returns: newspapers, magazines, and direct mail pieces have all been effected by the Internet. The Internet puts information close at hand and provides the viewer access to more details at the click of the mouse.

Today, customers and prospects either:

Use the Internet to find the services they want or need.
Ask family, friends, and even acquaintances for referrals and references.
Instead of watching television or listening to radio commercials people change the channel with their dial or remote controls or they have recorded the program and fast forward through the commercials. Viewers and listeners are looking to be entertained versus having products pitched to them; there is no tolerance for the hard sell tactics.

This begs the question: why do businesses even advertise in the yellow pages, on television, and the radio? To some extent the answer is: advertising using those media is expected. If customers and prospects do not hear or see these advertisements from the companies that have traditionally advertised in this manner; they will begin to question the staying power of the business. Conversely if the customers and prospects are not accustomed to seeing the business use the traditional advertising; they think nothing of it.

On the other hand customers and prospects do not want to be interrupted by the commercials. It is a dilemma that businesses must figure out.

The oldest form of marketing is Word of Mouth or relationship marketing. The effectiveness of these “advertisements” was typically successful because you were simultaneously receiving an endorsement.

As markets grew and as businesses expanded; new techniques were created to reach new prospects. With the advent of newspaper or print advertisements, television commercials, and direct mail to name a few; ways to spend your advertising dollars exploded.

Although businesses were successful in the goal of reaching more customers the effectiveness of the process declined drastically. Businesses were typically told that a return of 1/2 of 1% to 2% was a great response. When you consider how much time, effort, and cost was expended in attracting these new customers the return was truly very small.

With the advent of today’s new Internet technologies, commonly referred to as Web2.0* applications; technology has brought back the days and effectiveness of Word of Mouth and relationship marketing. Not only has it come back; the ability to have more control and manage it has improved dramatically. Businesses even have the ability to drive the effort. To be successful today’s businesses need to take advantage of this technology to make their products and services known and to be a viable competitor.

Answer these questions:

Are you looking to build your business?
Do you want your marketing and promotional dollars and efforts to generate more results?
Did you or do you expect more from your website?
Do you want your customers speaking on your behalf and promoting your business?
Do you want to tap into the Social Networking phenomena to promote your business?
If you answered “yes” to these questions watch for my next article: What Is a Social Network Contact Worth.

*web2.0 applications are those that enable interaction between businesses, customers, and prospective customers. Specifically the applications are Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and business and personal blogs to name a few. In the past communication was one way, now with the opportunity for dialogue effectiveness increases dramatically. In fact in the web2.0 environment content is a collaborative process between you and your customers.

Tom Staskiewicz is a Social Networking Coach, consultant, trainer, and speaker on the topic of using LinkedIn, Twitter, & Facebook to drive job offers and new business. Tom has worked with businesses and individuals to help them establish their brand in the Social Networking environment. If you are looking for ideas and ways to drive more business and opportunities in your direction you need to talk to Tom.

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Internet Marketing For Small Business – Twitter For Business

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After all, everybody’s doing it so maybe you should too.

What is Twitter and why should businesses care?

In simple terms, Twitter is a free service that allows users to communicate with their followers to tell them “what they are doing”. Twitter has become one of the biggest social media websites on the internet and is used for both personal and business purposes, resulting in a ton of relationships with people all around the world.

So how does it work? It’s very simple, you can say almost anything to anybody in 140 characters or less (that is the space Twitter gives you per message). You are probably thinking “is that it?”, well, no, not quite. While there are those using it to tell others what they had for lunch or what movie they watched, millions of people are using Twitter as a way to network and communicate with new and old contacts. Additionally, Twitter is designed like most social media tools with the ability to subscribe or share as many twitter feeds as you like.

So first things first, create your twitter account at by clicking on the ‘sign up now’ button. Once you create your account, you will be given a homepage and a profile page. From these pages, you can update your profile, add your domain name and find other twitter streams to follow, post your own messages and watch the public stream of comments (don’t do this unless your bored). It is also a good idea to create an image or avatar in your profile so that it appears next to your twitter message when you tweet.

Some basic Twitter etiquette you must know:

Tweet: When you post 140 characters on ‘what you are doing now”
Handle: that is your twitter name, for example mine is @aimeevo. It doesn’t have to be your own name, it could be your business name or any name you want it to be.
Follow: this is adding someone to your list of people who are following you.
Replies: You respond by someone’s tweet or to direct a conversation to someone by putting an “@” in front of their username.
DM: this a direct message that is sent directly to another user. They must be following you for you to DM them, but this is a very useful tool for private messages and generally a good choice when you start going back and forth with
someone on something your entire base of followers might not find interesting.
Hashtag – this is a way people categorize tweets so that others might use the same tag and effectively create a way for people to view related tweets. For example, something like #marketing – more on this in search will allow users to view tweets on that topic or category.
Now in regards to business, you can use Twitter for the following:

A help desk: businesses are now using Twitter for customer support or enquiries. For example, if your business sells software and a client has troubleshooting problems, you may post a twitter message which will be picked up to the whole twitter community.
Employee interaction for your business: a great way is to set up an account that everyone in the company or business can direct tweets to as they find content and want to bookmark it for others to quickly view.
Getting leads: Getting leads and business by participating on sites like twitter is an interesting concept. I’m not saying you should just sell and promote your goods and services online but tweet information of value that is related to your business. Perhaps offering a solution to a specific problem which entails explaining your product or service. Use the ‘Advance Search’ to find certain keywords that relate to a problem your business deals with.
In general use Twitter wisely for business, do not spam or market your products endlessly. It’s like going to a party, seeing a gorgeous girl and asking her whether she like to go to bed with you. Yes I know it’s not the same but remember, Twitter was design as a social networking site and for that you must be social and interact with your fellow followers. In return, you build relationships and as they get to know you, your next tweet about your product or service won’t seem so evasive.

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Does Direct Mail Still Work in the Digital Age?

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As we now live in the digital age and are surrounded by gadgets and gizmos that enable us to communicate instantly it is a valid question to ask if direct mail still works as an effective advertising medium.

There is no doubt that since the introduction of email that many marketing professionals actually thought that the humble sales letter would quickly die out as a result.

The truth is that whilst digital technology does offer a number of key benefits it has since been proven that direct mail does have an edge in a couple of important key areas.

1) Direct mail is tangible – There is definitely something to be said for the value of touching something. This important sense can inform and generate a positive emotional response which can make a huge difference in customer loyalty and people buying decisions. A mailing pack can be designed in a high quality fashion using quality papers and print finishes that exude quality and reinforce brand values in a way that emails never can. In fact as well as touch it is also possible to include scent and perfume samples which also draw customers in.

2) It’s convenient and fun – Mail order companies know that people love nothing more than to sit with a mug of coffee and take a leisurely browse through their latest catalogue and then will maybe go online to order.

These are just two benefits of direct mail over email broadcasting. My view is that digital technology such as emails and websites should not be used to replace direct mail but introduced as part of the marketing mix.

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